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1024 Budapest, Margit krt. 38.

We are a fish store where you can finally buy pâté and sous-vide slices made of fresh Hungarian fish. We are also a fish bar where you can try our fish and vegan street food menus even in gluten-free versions

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Vegyestál Vegyestál Vegyestál Vegyestál


95% of our menu is from local producers and distributors

only local fish

sugarcane to-go boxes

LED lights

locally roasted coffee

selective waste management

local syrups and vegetable juices

recycled hygiene products

meet the best of Hungarian fish farmers who provide us with material for our meals

Aranyponty Szarvas fish Haraszty

look for the QR codes in our fist store and see where the fish comes from

surprise your loved ones with HALKAKAS gift cards at our Bistro or Fish Bar & Store



1024 Budapest, Margit krt. 38.



would you like to be part of our team? Send your application or call us at +36308167595

Pontyropogós tál 2 főre sóval

Pontyropogós tál 2 főre sóval

vegán gluténmentes laktózmentes

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